Do you speak spanish?

If you’re surprised to read here something in English, let me then, before you recheck the site, that you are still in the Arteteka blog. Dlaczego? Mamy w załodze również obcokrajowców. Quite so!

This fancy glass building holds plenty of cultural activities. If you’re a common reader, I’m sure you are already aware of many. You might not have been aware of them because of trouble following the Polish language –I can assure you I’m also having fun with it–. Or perhaps because no one told you about it. In any case, if I am introducing you to it, then allow me to drop further lines on it.

What have I been doing here, you might wonder. Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna w Krakowie (for now on that pompous long name will be shortened to WBP), in conjunction with the Erasmus+ Office in a program called EVS*, receives volunteers from abroad to lead more weekly workshops: of their languages and cultures. The so called classes of the X language, where X stands for whatever language we speak.

If you join, you will listen to one of the librarians in the first day saying that those are non-formal classes and we are not professionals, that we might not know the answer to all questions and we might not have the most awesome classes prepared. So we will be a team rather than a class, where the only point to be remarked is that you all know me as a reference and I know the language and culture you want to learn. But on the meanwhile, our job is to learn about our own language and culture and to find ways to make it learnable and enjoyable.

But our tasks don’t finish there. We will also make pictures of our classes and digitally improve them, write in blogs, help in desks, and undergo a non-formal education in a foreign country. In a new city.

Oh a beautiful one.





*EVS, acronym for European Voluntary Service, program that you could probably join, whose goal is primarily to promote an European Citizenship, stimulating tolerance and solidarity among young people.


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