Time to say hello

Formalities over, who is writing now? I’m Nelson Vides. Some might already know me from the Rajska Blog, I’m a Spaniard who came here, by bike, just because so. Why? I could give you a chronological line of ideas merging together, but if it makes sense, I’d consider it boring. Let’s do so anyway.

I studied maths in Madrid, but time made me discover that I was passionate about travels and experiences outside of my comfort zone. Eventually, I dropped my studies, and I started wondering what to do then. But at that time, I had already promised a good friend from Poland I would visit her here, and I like to know where I go when I go, so I started reading about its history (I found particularly interesting the whole Jagiełło part). Then, I heard of the EVS, idea that I instantly regarded as the one. But the subsequent question was what and where. It came quickly: I first discarded the mainstream ones, thinking for something bigger, when I remembered where I was travelling anyway that summer. So, why not just staying there once arrived?

On another line of events, in my attempts to exploit all the free time I got after dumping studies (and how well I did exploit that though!), I hosted Leon, a German crackpot, through Couchsurfing. On a normal conversation, he presented me his marvellous idea. He had wanted to make a bike trip for a long time: cycling passion, and flexibility to make last-minute decisions. Still unsure due to a lack of companion, he disregarded my praise for the idea.

Until the day came, when in the middle of an insomnia night my mind merged both ideas. And we did this.

So, if you like bikes and you’re around, let us know about it. We could do stuff.



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